Career Counselling and Coaching Topics and Service Samples

Are you looking for attractive employment options?  Wanting to help yourself or your son or daughter to curb the struggle and find a convincing educational pathway or suitable occupational direction?  About to make a life changing career decision? 
Resources With Results offers a continuum of career counselling and coaching services that supports taking control over the career planning process and gently arriving at a desired employment/education outcome.
Sample service topics include:
  • Career and Vocational Assessment – getting to ‘know self’: attributes, values, natural talents, strengths, skills, abilities, aptitudes, passion, purpose, temperament type, traits and interests
  • Occupational/Educational Options and Exploration – accessing literature, people in the field and environments: online resources, community, education, and business sources
  • Decision-Making – implementing effective tools and techniques: comparative lists, constructive dialogue and personalized assignments for gaining clarity and direction
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning – receiving guidance and encouragement: generating realistic aims and setting concrete action steps for success
  • Self Marketing Tools – impressing the audience: developing marketable resumes, power cover letters, and suitable references, mastering the elevator pitch, strengthening a LinkedIn profile
  • Work Search Tools and Techniques – knowing how to allocate time and effort for optimal results: job focus prioritization, sources of job leads, successful job hunting methods, tapping into the hidden job market, and arranging work trials or volunteer experiences
  • Self Marketing Skills and Techniques – building confidence and boosting capabilities: preparation and practice to successfully manage an interview, skillfully answering common interview questions and readily responding to difficult interview questions
  • Employment Acquisition and Retention – gaining insight on how secure the job: effectively negotiating wages and terms of employment, how to keep a job, and dealing with difficult people in the workplace (e.g. bullying and harassment challenges)
  • Change and Transition – managing the emotions and complexities: job loss, career advancement, and the process of changing jobs, work functions or occupations

Resources With Results and its qualified professionals are here to help you succeed!