Back to Work Support

Individuals are supported in the process of regaining community involvement and self-assurance as it relates to re-entry into the world of work.

Resources With Results encourages community-based activities. Examples of components that may be included in an individual’s vocational action plan are listed below:

» Structured weekly routine that is tailored to the individual, such as a light exercise regimen, a schedule of employer contact activities or an established work tryout arrangement and/or graduated return-to-work agreement.

» Work tryouts, otherwise known as work experience, volunteer placement, or work trials, generate several rewarding outcomes:

  • physical and emotional conditioning for return-to-work
  • enhancement of personal and employment skills
  • confidence building that leads to vocational success
  • opportunities that result in acquisition of paid employment that meets and exceeds the individual’s required earnings level

» Constructive feedback, in the form of encouraging conversation and objective insights, provides valuable information to discern what essential functions of a job an individual is able to perform and therefore what positions he/she is best suited for

Support from Resources With Results enables individuals to identify and take control of the work transition process, as well as design and implement a rewarding vocational experience.