Individualized Vocational Rehabilitation Services That Meet Transition Needs

For over 24 years, Resources With Results (RWR) has provided independent career planning and vocational rehabilitation services to over eight major insurers as well as corporations and the general public.

As founder and operator of Resources With Results, Lorna Bramley oversees the business operations, as well as maintains her own client caseload. Lorna Bramley collaborates with accomplished, multidisciplinary professionals to provide comprehensive Career Strategies and Vocational Rehabilitation Services that include career/vocational assessment, therapeutic intervention if or when needed, occupational exploration, suitable job targeting, active job search, interview preparation and work transition counselling and coaching.

Resources With Results customizes its services to assist and empower individuals and groups dealing difficulties such as: return to the workplace after medical leave of absence, workplace stress, occupation identification, change and transition.

Populations serviced include those dealing with economic and personal challenges such as: chronic unemployment, unexpected work dismissal, sudden income reduction, emotional/mental health setbacks, chemical addiction, cognitive impairment, mood disorder, learning disabilities, and physical restrictions.

Provision of quality career services for diverse populations continues to be the focus at Resources With Results. As a business owner and independent service provider with over 2,000 cumulative one to one clients, numerous facilitated groups and an additional 2,500+ program participants closely monitored as team lead, Lorna Bramley hones in on her passion to instill hope in others and to enhance client self-efficacy.

Service Topics and Activities

1. One to One Vocational Rehabilitation Services. An individualized service geared to meet the specific work transition needs of the participant.

2. Small Group Presentations. Group presentations can vary in length, from a few hours to a succession of days according to the topic(s) and the participant’s needs.

3. Resource Materials and Reports. Quality handouts, written summaries and comprehensive reports are included as part of RWR services.

4. Labour Market Information and Surveys. Survey results accumulated and summarized, contain a combination of detailed salary survey information and data from local employer information if needed.

5. Self/Vocational Assessments. Designed to meet the stated inquiries of the requesting party. Various components are available and may include Transferable Skills Analysis, ‘paper and pencil’ testing results and Labour Market Survey information.

6. Battery of Tests. A wide range of assessments are available and include occupational interest inventories, skills checklists, aptitude testing and values scales. With qualified administrators and registered psychologist as part of Resources With Results service delivery, the battery of testing instruments is extensive.

7. Psychovocational Assessments. Available to assess an individual’s cognitive, emotional and vocational ability and capability, with strong predictability, to perform in a job.

8. Computer Skills Enhancement Training. Designed to build confidence in using computers within the workplace. Can include Windows, Microsoft Word , Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook/Express and the Internet, along with other programs found in the business world. Keyboarding tests and training are also available upon request.

9. Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP™) – clinical trials have supported the use of PGAP™ as an effective means of improving function and facilitating return to work. PGAP is designed to build structure and daily routine as well as progressively introduce physical and cognitive related activity through realistic and conscientious goal setting. Note: 10 sessions maximum

10. Job Coaching. Whether an individual is entering into the workforce, adjusting within or outside of the current workplace, or seeking ways to reach a higher level of job satisfaction, RWR is available to provide career insight and support along the way.

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