At Resources With Results, we aim to maintain a 100% participant satisfaction rating.

This is what others are saying!

“My time with Lorna was tremendously productive and meaningful for my personal growth and understanding, and for my return to meaningful work. I was so impressed with the way Lorna created a coaching partnership with me to ensure my greatest learning and success. I will be eternally grateful for the work we did together. I highly recommend working with Resources With Results if you are interested in investigating new career possibilities or a return to work program for yourself or someone you know.”

“Lorna is incredibly dedicated and very knowledgeable in her craft as a career professional. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her as she ran me through tests and exercises to help me identify my career goals, strengths and weaknesses and a generally better understanding regarding work and careers. But this is not the only thing that makes Lorna amazing. She is also incredibly caring, welcoming and supports positive community initiatives.

If you are visiting her profile and considering working or using her services, I would not hesitate to recommend that you contact her as she is absolutely wonderful!”

“Lorna helped give my confidence in reaching my career goals. She worked with my limited budget at the time, so that I could see her and receive the solution-focused guidance that I needed. She helped me revamp my cover letter and resume. She also gave me practical and proven ways to hunt for jobs (FYI: internet searches are the least effective – if this is all you are doing to job hunt STOP and go see Lorna!) . I will be forever grateful for the advice and guidance Lorna has given me. I have referred all of my friends and family and I would strongly recommend her to anyone.”

“Lorna easily adapts her coaching style to suit the needs of her client so the client gets the most out of the experience. Lorna went above and beyond the scope of her duties to help me work through some of my more pressing issues so I could focus more completely on finding employment.”

“The “best”. I would highly recommend “Resources With Results” to anyone. Exceptional, outstanding service.”

“I would describe Lorna’s approach as professional, caring, enthusiastic, well informed, and encouraging. She used a variety of methods to get points across (ie white board, handouts, explaining, and showing samples) which was exceptionally helpful. She explained things clearly and was able to repeat things in a slightly different way if clarification was required. She was also very approachable – I found it very easy to ask her questions.”

“My desire has been to create a very unique career path that meets very specific criteria. This is a very complex task that requires the input of someone who has precisely the qualities that Lorna possesses. Lorna has steered me away from making some poor decisions, and has guided me in making some very good ones.

My positive experiences working with Lorna encouraged me to refer another person to Lorna who was also looking for some career advice. The feedback I received from this person about his experience working with Lorna was extremely positive. I will certainly not hesitate to recommend Lorna to anyone who is seeking career advice!”

“I sat down with Lorna to do my very first career/self evaluation ever! She walked me through what it means to “design” my career, ran me through multiple tests and questionnaires, and challenged me to define what my dream life would look like. Initially I was nervous but after going through her extensive process I walked away from the session with some legitimate opportunities to explore! I would recommend Lorna to anyone looking to find themselves or striving to advance their career. As her company name states Lorna is an experienced professional who’s resources yield results, guaranteed :)”

“What a wonderful experience! Thank you Lorna for restoring my confidence in myself and helping me to follow my dreams! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to everyone I know.”

“I had low expectations and was pleasantly surprised! I like Lorna – she is gentle and easy to talk to. She tailors the sessions to your specific needs – making it all about you! Lorna will help you find the confidence and tools to land the job of your desires. She will show you where to look. No more constant applications and rejection letters. She will show you how to take control of your future.”